• National Day of Action to Reclaim the Promise of Public Education

    On December 9, parents, students and educators in cities and towns across the country will mobilize in public action as part of the National Day of Action to Reclaim the Promise of Public Education: Our Schools, Our Solutions. Read more here Image by National Opportunity to Learn Campaign

  • Civic Media: Collaborative Design Studio

    The Civic Media: Codesign Studio provides a service-learning opportunity for students wherein they are organized into multidisciplinary, diverse teams that work together with a community partner to create civic media projects based on real-world needs. The studio is also a space for shared inquiry into the theory, history, best practices, and critiques of various approaches to ...

  • Participatory Action Research Map

    Created by María Elena Torre, Director and Co-Founder of the Public Science Project, this Participatory Action Research (PAR) Map is an excellent resource for those currently engaged in a PAR process as well as those who are considering the role that this methodology might play in their work. Access the map here Author(s): María Elena Torre Publication Date: 2009

  • Transforming Cities and Minds through the Scholarship of Engagement

    Written by engaged scholars and practitioners,Transforming Cities and Minds is an “instrument-for-action” on the problems faced by U.S. cities that have suffered from decades of disinvestment. The book advocates the concept of reciprocal knowledge: real learning on both sides, campus and city, through a complex network of human relationships. Across the country from Camden to Oakland, the ...

  • Sociologists and the Formation of URBAN

    A number of sociologists played a role in establishing URBAN, an emerging multidisciplinary network that will promote community-based and collaborative forms of research. While many sociologists have long conducted research in collaboration with community-based organizations, most of these scholars work in silos and their work is typically not rewarded or credited within the academy.  Learn ...

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