• URBAN website survey

    As announced in the last newsletter, National URBAN is in the process of moving to CUNY this fall. As part of this transition, we are reaching out to local and disciplinary nodes and members in a number of ways. One of our first goals is to find out more about how you currently use (or don’t ...

  • Call for Papers for Community-Engaged Research

    The Community Research and Development Division of the Society for the Study of Social Problems has a special call for papers co-authored with community partners. Spread the word to your colleagues and consider submitting a paper for this award. Additionally, help us advertise our student paper competition award. You can find descriptions for both the Community Partner Paper ...

  • Tenure-Track Position in Educational Administration at University of MA Boston

    A new tenure-track position in Educational Administration os open at the University of MA Boston. Please share this opportunity with any recent doctoral graduates, K-12 school leaders or new faculty who might be interested. https://umb.interviewexchange.com/jobofferdetails.jsp?JOBID=65264&CNTRNO=0&TSTMP=1445976128227

  • Policy Review Document for Black Civil Rights Organizations

    A request from Dr. J. Philip Thompson of MIT for critique, recommendations, and contributions to a policy review he is crafting, which aims to identify commonalities and differences in policy positions amongst Black organizations and to stimulate conversations that may develop into a unified agenda as we move into the 2016 election year. Dear Friends: I am ...

  • Dr. Gregory Squires Explains Community Based Research

    In this interview, Dr. Gregory Squires, Professor of Sociology and Public Policy and Public Administration at George Washington University, explains community based research and what role URBAN plays in integrating this kind of research into mainstream academic venues.

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