Education Node at AERA and Leadership Change

The Education node included a lineup of AERA events in the program this year in Washington D.C.. Thank you to all who presented, chaired, discussed, mentored, attended, and otherwise contributed to the sessions. It was a very rich series, with a powerful Presidential session, a well-attended fireside chat, a couple of inspiring off-site events, where we learned from local community activists and school administrators, and several substantive and generative roundtables and symposia. We again extend our warm congratulations to Researchers for Fair Policing, represented by Brett Stoudt, Darian X, and Caitlin Cahill, who received the inaugural Truth to Power Award for Excellence in Collaborative Research at our business meeting. Thank you to all who participated!

We extend our appreciation to Kelly Monahan, who has graciously maintained our list, sent mailings, helped to make flyers, and done a great deal of behind-the-scenes (grunt) work to support the Education Node of the URBAN for the past two years. Kelly will be graduating in a month, with her MA in School Counseling, and we all wish her considerable success on the path ahead.

The new leadership team for the Education node will include Sarah Hobson, Ana Antunes, and Joy Howard. Thank you, Sarah, Ana, and Joy for stepping up to help move the Education Node of URBAN forward! One or all three of these dynamic scholars will be in touch soon with invitations to join working groups or other Education Node-related initiatives.

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