Invitation to Participate in AERA mini-course: Ethical Issues in Collaborative Research

We are inviting participants for our AERA mini-course: Ethical Issues in Collaborative Research. 
All professional development courses are listed on the AERA meeting page (click here[] for a list). We’ve recently learned, however, that professional development courses and mini-courses are not searchable in the AERA program. Below is the course description and instructions for how to register. 
Thank you,
Ron, Sheeva, and Natalie

Mini-Course: Ethical Issues in Collaborative Research
Facilitators: Ron Glass, Sheeva Sabati, and Natalie Baloy
When: Saturday, April 9th, 1-5pm
How to Register: 
  • Log-in to AERA
  • Click to My AERA at the top right
  • Click Register and Reserve a Hotel Room Now (even if you’ve already registered)
  • Fill out info if needed, then click Continue
  • Click on the tab PD Course (to the right of Registration Summary)
  • Click View Details for PDC19
  • Select 1 ticket ($55) and click Reserve
Workshop Description
This discussion and case-based course explores ethical dilemmas in collaborative and action forms of research. Issues include:
  • power dynamics (e.g., race, class, gender, language, institutional)
  • relational vs. transactional approaches to consent
  • epistemic injustice and whose knowledge counts
  • data gathering, interpretation, and dissemination
  • advocacy, neutrality, and (dis)interested research
  • Institutional Review Boards (IRBs).

Readings and/or handouts feature, original cases developed by instructors through interview data collected from engaged scholars and school and community partners, professional associations’ ethical frameworks, and publications about collaborative community-based research.

Small group discussions, role-play activities, and quick-writings will facilitate participants’ ethical reflection. The course aims to prompt ethical engagement with social science research methodologies and to foster a network of researchers for ongoing support.
Below is a screenshot to help you navigate registration.
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