JCES Call for Student or Community Partner Authored Manuscripts

The editors of the Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship (JCES) are currently working on a special issue that will feature pieces authored by students or community partners. If you are a graduate student or if you have worked with a student or community partner who might be interested in submitting a manuscript for these sections, please contact Vicky Carter, Assistant to the Editor, at jces.@ua.edu

Download the calls for manuscripts below!

Call for Submissions:  Student Voices

Call for Submissions:  Community Perspectives

Below are examples of published articles in each section. 

Student Voices:

Service Learning and Community Engagement in Graduate Social Work Classrooms: One Student’s Perspective (Issue 8.1, page 139)

Community Engagement in Social Work by Jessica Herald, L. Faye Perkins, and Hannah Powers (Issue 7.2, beginning on page 92)

Community Perspectives:

Model for Engaged Community Efficacy by Jason Merrick (Issue 7.1, page 96)

Community Partner Reflection by Briana Goodwin (Issue 5.2, page 19)


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