Morris Justice Project

In 2011, neighborhood mothers in the Morris Avenue section of the South Bronx who were outraged by the NYPD’s treatment of their sons, connected with researchers from the Public Science Project, John Jay College, and Pace University Law Center who were interested in studying and challenging unjust policing. The mothers and researchers got together and recruited additional community members to join a collaborative research team, now known as the Morris Justice Project, to document experiences with police.

The work of the Morris Justice Project is guided by the critical social knowledge of residents of a NYC “hot spot,” a neighborhood that is subjected to a disproportionate amount of aggressive and discriminatory policing in the name of “community safety.”  It is an in-depth investigation into the lived experience of NYPD’s “hot spot” policy and “stop and frisk” practices, and the community’s vision of community safety.

Active in Communities United for Police Reform and deeply concerned about the NYPD’s use of stop and frisk, Morris Justice Project is closely watching the historic Floyd v. the City of New York trial and the contested passage of the Community Safety Act.

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Image by Morris Justice Project

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