The URBAN Education node is comprised of scholars and practitioners from across the United States whose work cuts across disciplines and methodologies to address issues related to educational equity.

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  • “More Justice”: The Role of Organized Labor in Educational Reform

    This article explores the potential role of low-wage service sector unions in engaging in equity-minded school reform. The members of many such unions are parents of children attending poorly resourced public schools. In seeking to address the interests of their members, labor unions can draw upon resources, organizing strategies, and political relationships to contribute to ...

  • Unions and Education Justice: The Case of SEIU Local 1877 Janitors and the “Parent University”

    The third brief in the UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment’s (IRLE) series of Research and Policy Briefs highlights the work of the Service Employees International Union Local 1877, the UCLA Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access, UCLA School of Law’s Program in Public Interest Law and Policy, and the UCLA Labor Center ...

  • Just Schools Project

    Just Schools California supports a broad-based coalition of community-based groups, youth organizations, civil rights advocates, teachers, researchers, and policymakers eager to participate actively in providing Californians — especially low-income students, English learners, African American and Latino students — with high quality schools. We provide research necessary for understanding the conditions and outcomes of California schools ...

  • Organized Labor and School Reform

    This project explores the potential role of low-wage service unions to use their organizing and political skills to promote educational justice. It considers whether the participation of low-wage sector unions in educational reform can: (1) build the power and capacity of both the union and its members and (2) expand educational opportunity for the children ...

  • How Students Are Leading Us: Youth Organizing and the Fight for Public Education in Philadelphia

    Philadelphia’s students have long been a major force in the battle for public education, and for the past decade and a half they have fought valiantly against the encroachment of neoliberalism, the idea that market-based logic can solve non-market problems more efficiently and effectively than governmental or public sector agencies. Leading this charge have been ...

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