Urban Planning

The Urban Planning node is comprised of academics and practitioners who work in collaboration with communities to improve the quality of life in cities. The desire to promote equitable development and social justice, urban resilience and sustainability raises urgent questions about, among other things, the future of governance and democracy, the role of markets, stewardship of nature and the environment and the role of race, immigration status and identity in constructing communities. Knowledge generated through the lived experience of urban residents themselves can serve to inform successful approaches to these challenges.

Aditi Mehta, Node Chair aditim@mit.edu.


  • Guidelines for New URBAN Nodes

    Starting an Urban Research Based Action Network (URBAN) node gives you the opportunity to bring academics and community leaders together locally and be part of a national network where you can learn, share resources, and work together on the basis of common values. URBAN is building a new and exciting field of collaborative research committed ...

  • URBAN website survey

    As announced in the last newsletter, National URBAN is in the process of moving to CUNY this fall. As part of this transition, we are reaching out to local and disciplinary nodes and members in a number of ways. One of our first goals is to find out more about how you currently use (or don’t ...

  • Policy Review Document for Black Civil Rights Organizations

    A request from Dr. J. Philip Thompson of MIT for critique, recommendations, and contributions to a policy review he is crafting, which aims to identify commonalities and differences in policy positions amongst Black organizations and to stimulate conversations that may develop into a unified agenda as we move into the 2016 election year. Dear Friends: I am ...

  • 2016 Dale Prize Call for Nominations

    The Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Cal Poly Pomona is pleased to announce a call for nominations for the 2016 Dale Prize. The Dale Prize pairs a scholar and a practitioner for dialogues on a focused planning topic, with a goal of linking theory and practice.  Awardees participate in a colloquium, visit classes, ...

  • Highlights from National URBAN Conference

    On April 30th and May 1st, the first national URBAN gathering took place at UMASS Boston. Forty-five scholars from across the country gathered for a 2-day working conference on “Collaborative Research for Equity and Action in Education.” Funded by a grant from the American Educational Research Association, the conference was designed to bring together scholars ...

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