Local Nodes

URBAN’s Local Nodes will connect scholars at the local level in order to share resources and work together across disciplines with community leaders and activists on specific research or network-building projects. The new relationships and dialogues this work seeks to cultivate will serve as a platform to incubate additional research collaborations. Each node will be organized by a planning committee, include a liaison to the National Planning Committee, be staffed by a graduate research assistant, and meet periodically.


URBAN.Boston is focused on bringing researchers and community members together to work on mutual areas of interest including but not limited to health, housing, education, transportation, and the ability for community members to use diverse data sources and analytic methods to devise evidence-based interventions. Additionally, URBAN.Boston will continue to enhance its communications capabilities to connect the Boston community around engaged research and action.


URBAN Hartford is centered at the The Institute for Translational Research (ITR), located at the University of Hartford. The Hartford Node aspires to create a community of scholars and change-makers who engage and explore big questions now emerging in cities–the future of governance and democracy, the role of markets, stewardship of nature and the environment and the role of race and identity in constructing communities, to name a few– and break through the barriers that have stymied collaborative problem solving.

Los Angeles

URBAN Los Angeles is a network of activist scholars which aims to create physical and virtual spaces where researchers working with communities can connect and collaborate. URBAN Los Angeles’ multidisciplinary, distributed network of community-based researchers is poised to become a robust source of collaborative knowledge creation and a powerful resource for struggling urban communities.

New York

URBAN’s New York City node is centered at the Public Science Project (PSP), located at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Having conducted and supported participatory action research (PAR) for over a decade, PSP collaborates with academics, community organizations, schools, prisons, and public institutions to design, conduct, and support participatory research and practice aimed at interrupting injustice. As part of the effort to create spaces for scholars and community activists to meet and work together, PSP organizes monthly community lunches and hosts Critical Participatory Action Research- Summer Institutes and conferences.


URBAN Philadelphia will bring together academics, policymakers, community organizers, and representatives from nonprofit and advocacy organizations to exchange ideas and work together to develop projects that seek to improve Philadelphia. These research-based projects will address the everyday needs of Philadelphians for access to high-quality schooling, decent jobs, healthcare, healthy food, and affordable housing in safe, vibrant neighborhoods.

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