URBAN.Boston is focused on bringing researchers and community members together to work on mutual areas of interest including but not limited to health, housing, education, transportation, and the ability for community members to use diverse data sources and analytic methods to devise evidence-based interventions. Additionally, URBAN.Boston will continue to enhance its communications capabilities to connect the Boston community around engaged research and action.

History of Boston Node
URBAN.Boston Organizational Structure and Leadership

URBAN.Boston is hosted at UMASS Boston’s McCormack Graduate School, Department of Public Policy. For more information about URBAN Boston, please contact us:University of Massachusetts Boston
McCormack Graduate School
Department of Public Policy
100 Morrissey Drive
Boston, MA 02125


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  • Stand Against Racism on April 28 (p II)

    On April 28, URBAN.Boston, in conjunction with the Center for Social Policy at UMass Boston’s McCormack Graduate School co-hosted a Stand Against Racism panel discussion drawing over seventy researchers, faculty members, students, and community members from across the Boston area. Mark Warren, associate professor in the Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs at UMass Boston, ...

  • Collaborative Research Principles

    These collaborative research principles, as refined by members of the URBAN.Boston Node on March 19, 2014, are the output of multiple conversations among collaborative research partners. The initial ideas for these principles were generated from a brainstorming session held with URBAN.Boston and Mattapan United at the ABCD Family Service Center in October 2013. The principles ...

  • Stand Against Racism on April 28 (p I)

    URBAN.Boston will host a Stand Against Racism event on Monday, April 28th from 6-8pm in the Ryan Lounge (3rd Floor, McCormack Building, UMASS Boston). A reception will be held 6-6:30pm with the program starting at 6:30pm. This event is part of the Stand Against Racism™ movement organized by the YWCA that aims to eliminate racism by raising awareness ...

  • Community-Engaged Partnerships Symposium

    The Office of Community Partnerships at the University of Massachusetts Boston is pleased to announce the upcoming Community-Engaged Partnerships Symposium to be held on April 2, 2014 from 9am-4pm at the UMass Boston Campus Center. Community-Engaged Partnerships Symposium is a university-wide event designed to advance and showcase community-engaged activities at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The symposium offers professional development workshops and showcases ...

  • Data, Analytics and CBOs

    Big data and analytics for community-focused nonprofits can improve analytic capabilities and increase impact. However, Community-based organization needs do not match well with conventional notions of data and analytics. Decentralized model for data-driven research may be preferred, but centralized model is dominant. CBOs can articulate data needs, but are often not yet able to access ...