Los Angeles

URBAN Los Angeles is a network of activist scholars which aims to create physical and virtual spaces where researchers working with communities can connect and collaborate. URBAN LA’s multidisciplinary, distributed network of community-based researchers is poised to become a robust source of collaborative knowledge creation and a powerful resource for struggling urban communities.

The Los Angeles node can be reached at:
amhuerta@cpp.edu, Co-Chair Dr. Alvaro Huerta


  • Highlights from National URBAN Conference

    On April 30th and May 1st, the first national URBAN gathering took place at UMASS Boston. Forty-five scholars from across the country gathered for a 2-day working conference on “Collaborative Research for Equity and Action in Education.” Funded by a grant from the American Educational Research Association, the conference was designed to bring together scholars ...

  • The Formation of a Grassroots Movement

    When the city of Los Angeles banned gas-powered leaf blowers in 1996, the law sparked one of the most dynamic grassroots campaigns by Latino immigrants in recent history. Latino immigrant gardeners, working with a small group of Chicana/o activists, organized the Association of Latin American Gardeners of Los Angeles (ALAGLA), which pressured city leaders to ...

  • Ferguson Syllabus

    This syllabus focuses on the death of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the subsequent non-indictment of Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed him.  The syllabus was created for a first-year composition class by Evan Kindley, Visiting Instructor in the Department of Literature at Claremont McKenna College.  It is in part the result ...

  • Prison Divestment CA Statewide Meeting

    The Private Prison Divestment CA Statewide Meeting will bring together youth and community organizations from across the state who recognize that in order to address the criminalization of communities of color and systemic harassment of immigrants, we must confront the profit motives behind anti-immigrant and pro-incarceration policies. The session will provide participants with the organizing ...

  • Observatory on Law and Migration Policy

    The Colegio de la Frontera Norte has developed a series of maps to geographically see the evolution of the implementation of migration laws throughout the United States. This initiative is known as the Observatory on Law and Migration Policy. Read more here