Los Angeles

URBAN Los Angeles is a network of activist scholars which aims to create physical and virtual spaces where researchers working with communities can connect and collaborate. URBAN LA’s multidisciplinary, distributed network of community-based researchers is poised to become a robust source of collaborative knowledge creation and a powerful resource for struggling urban communities.

The Los Angeles node can be reached at:
amhuerta@cpp.edu, Co-Chair Dr. Alvaro Huerta


  • URBAN LA July 27, 2013 Meeting Highlights

    This meeting focused on what the immigrant rights movement and related policy challenges and opportunities means for the work of URBAN LA.  Node members also discussed how to balance research, teaching, and activist work. 1.  Introductions 2.  Minutes from last URBAN meeting No minutes from last meeting, which was held at the Immigrant Youth Empowerment Conference at UCLA. ...

  • URBAN LA April 27, 2013 Meeting Highlights

    This meeting of URBAN LA featured a presentation by Enrique Ochoa about the formation and ongoing work of an initiative called Educators for Immigrant Rights (EIR), discussion of specific examples of connections between research and action, and more! 1.  Introductions 2.  Update on National URBAN Summary of meeting held on Feb 28th in Boston with the Co-Chairs of ...

  • URBAN LA February 23, 2013 Meeting Highlights

    This meeting of URBAN LA included a presentation by Jorge Gutierrez of Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project (QUIP), updates about Dream Summer, discussion about next steps in creating online communication tools, and discussion about inviting members of student groups whose work focuses on access to opportunity for immigrant youth. 1.  Introductions 2.  Presentation by Jorge Gutierrez, Queer Undocumented ...

  • URBAN LA January 19, 2013 Meeting Highlights

    A major focus of LA-URBAN is to help build social movements.  This meeting featured presentations by Alma Castrejon and Sofia Campos about the Dream Act student movement, Dream University, and Dream Summer.  Sofia shared her story as an immigrant from Lima, Peru.  She attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and became part of student groups fighting ...

  • One Activist Intellectual’s Experience in Surviving and Transforming the Academy

    My survival in higher education has its roots in the connections between my lived experience as the immigrant son of farm worker parents and the lessons learned in overcoming systemic obstacles as a community organizer and intellectual activist. Whenever the road in academia got rough I had to face another hurdle, I always remembered the ...