URBAN Philadelphia will bring together academics, policymakers, community organizers, and representatives from nonprofit and advocacy organizations to exchange ideas and work together to develop projects that seek to improve Philadelphia. These research-based projects will address the everyday needs of Philadelphians for access to high-quality schooling, decent jobs, healthcare, healthy food, and affordable housing in safe, vibrant neighborhoods.


  • How Students Are Leading Us

    Philadelphia’s students have long been a major force in the battle for public education, and for the past decade and a half they have fought valiantly against the encroachment of neoliberalism, the idea that market-based logic can solve non-market problems more efficiently and effectively than governmental or public sector agencies. Leading this charge have been ...

  • 2014 AERA Conference in Philadelphia

    The theme of the 2014 Conference of the American Educational Research Association is The Power of Education Research for Innovation in Practice and Policy.  Check out the many excellent sessions, including several facilitated by URBAN’s Philadelphia Node. Read more here   Image by the American Educational Research Association

  • Outside the School Box

    This course explores historical and contemporary challenges involved in the policy and practice of viewing education more broadly than schooling alone. Students will explore several historical case studies, conceptual frames, and current policy challenges, culminating in a research project in service to the Norris Square community in Philadelphia. Read more here. Author(s): Michael Johanek Publication Date: 2013   Image by Penn GSE

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