Planning Accreditation Board New Standards Would Eliminate Diversity Measures

Dear URBAN network,

As I’m sure some of you know, the Planning Accreditation Board (which accredits planning schools) is revising their standards, including the elimination of particular metrics around student and faculty diversity. This will be devastating to efforts to recruit and retain students and faculty of color in planning schools.

Please see the forwarded note below from Charisma Acey, Co-Chair of People of Color Interest Group (POCIG) of the Association of the Collegiate Schools (ACSP) of Planning, and the POCIG materials, including a letter that you can sign on to.The PAB open comment period starts 11/16 at the following link:[]You may also be interested in this news coverage on NextCity:[]

We are trying to get the word out to as many scholars and practitioners as possible and asking them to support the POCIG statement.  Please also review the POCIG analysis of the PAB proposed changes.

Thank you so much!


Ariel H. Bierbaum, MCP

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