Promoting Environmental Justice Through Community-Based Participatory Research: The Role of Community and Partnership Capacity

This article presents the results of a cross-site case study of four Community-based participatory research (CBPR) partnerships in the United States that research environmental health problems and worked to educate legislators and promote relevant public policy. The authors focus on community and partnership capacity within and across sites, using as a theoretical framework Goodman and his colleagues’ dimensions of community capacity, as these were tailored to environmental health by Fruedenberg, and as further modified to include partnership capacity within a systems perspective. The four CBPR partnerships were situated in New York, California, Oklahoma, and North Carolina and were part of a larger national study. Case study contexts and characteristics, policy-related outcomes, and findings related to community and partnership capacity are presented, with implications drawn for other CBPR partnerships with a policy focus.

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Meredith Minkler

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Image by University of California Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California

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